What Our Clients Have To Say

Audrey Lane Design provides professional services for homeowners selling and moving in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas.  Clients say it best! 

Home is Where the Heart is - testimonials

Audrey Lane Design has an incredible eye for style through her wise choices of color and design, she captivates an audience with her ability to organize and with her ability to create a comfortable environment. Who doesn’t like comfort? I have witnessed a number of times in which she created an environment that attracts and assures the desired effect for all! She’s an innovator with the artistic ability to bring others together through her creativity. Her clean line designs exude class with an ambience of amazement!

And when Audrey Lane Design is done with your space, you won’t forget how she made you feel!”

~ Kim D. Ellis, Writer

“When my husband and I PCS to Florida, Audrey was able to arrange my entire home prior to arrival. With the knowledge she provided to us, this made our relocation much more trouble-free. As a military family having traveled all over the world, integrity is valuable to a person’s character, and she by far brought that and more. She was able to coordinate the placement of our furniture, schedule and set up the paint crew and order additional art pieces before we even arrived. Her self-disciplined and hard work ethics certainly gave us the peace of mind that we could trust her services to perfect the job. I definitely recommend utilizing the meticulous services of Audrey Lane Design for my fellow military families, her services were amazing!”

~ LCDR/MSC/USN/RET Teresa Ceballos, US Navy

“Audrey Lane Design, performed their staging skills for my recent Kwanza Celebration. The events décor captured every intricate moment of our celebration. Her design skills were highly attentive, elaborate and eye catching to all our guest. Her warm and inviting smile makes her very personable and a delight to work with. I will definitely call Audrey Lane Design for her services when I need the expertise of a professional again.”

~ Tenelle Gardner,
Royal Collections

“As a Retired Veteran, I’ve never arranged my awards and accolades into a space that felt so much like my former military life. So, when I contacted Audrey Lane Design, she was able to suggest customizing an empty bedroom into my “Veterans Cave.” This new space gave me back  the comfort and solitude I’ve always needed. Never would I have been able to make this simple room look so professional and inviting in a million years. Her idea of converting just didn’t click at first, but the end product was a major hit I must say.  As a result, this room has become the new hang-out and gathering spot for all my shipmates. ”

~ MAC/USN/RET Archie McArthur, US Navy

“Professionally staged rooms are essential when you are trying to sell your home for the best price. Expect professional services, breathtaking and impressive designs, and complete satisfaction when working with Audrey Lane Design. Audrey, the owner, is a design guru and she always captures picture perfect staging for unique spaces. I love her work!”

~ J. Cousin - Project Manager, Events & Conferences

“It was my pleasure to meet and work with Audrey Lane of Audrey Lane Design. She is honest, honorable and one of the most integrous women I have met. Her attention to detail, skills and dedication to perfection are exemplary and I would not hesitate to recommend her business for any work project she considers.”

~ Christine Rae, CSP International™

“Where do I begin with how INCREDIBLE Audrey Lane Design services are? I recently purchased my home and the amazing ideas that Audrey provided was invaluable. I was a new homeowner and had no idea about decorating, but she was able to show me the vision and potential of each room in my home. She had so many great ideas that I NEVER could have come up with on my own. If you are anything like me and know what you like, but don’t know how to put it together, I seriously recommend her services. She is very professional, thoughtful and she will decorate it RIGHT, Hoorah!”

~ SFC(R) Katina Patterson, US Army.